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      Nature Report: Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament

      First light, first cast and Captain Terry Neal already has a fish on.

      Well, that didn TMt take long did it, Richard. First cast, I was just checking the tackle out," Captain Terry says.

      It TMs a small redfish, and Terry tosses it back to grow up.

      Captain Terry Neal says, We are getting close to our fishing tournament. This is the 36th annual Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament. Anyway, the dates for that are July 22nd thru 25th. The 22nd is registration and the 23rd and 24th are fishing days and we got awards on Sunday morning.

      The fishing has been good out of Port Mansfield this summer, and the next red Terry nets is a fine keeper.

      Pretty nice redfish," Neal says.

      And Captain, who also serves as tournament director, is expecting a good turnout for the annual tournament.

      Captain Terry Neal says, We have had a lot of inquiry about offshore fishing this year that we have not had in the past. So, I think we have people coming down from the upper coast that maybe are going to come down here and fish the tournament this year. Offshore has been very good this year."

      And there are also plenty of big redfish in the Laguna Madre, so the 36th annual Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament promises to be a great one.

      Neal says, It is still kind of a family affair. The main thing is too get the kids involved in it so they can see what fishing is all about and have a good time."

      With your Nature Report I TMm Richard Moore