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      Nature Report: Trout at First Light

      The sun is just peeking over the distant horizon as Captain Terry Neal makes his first wade. Leaving his Dargel Explorer anchored in the shallow water; he catches his first trout before most folks are waking up. It's a beautiful morning on the Lower Laguna Madre, and there is no place Captain Neal would rather be than leisurely wading into a sunrise on the Mother Lagoon. And while boats rush by with anglers heading to distant destinations, Neal is content to let them pass. As the hum of outboards fades in the distance, the splashing of a spirited trout breaks the tranquil dawn. Captain Terry Neal, "Well, we have got a real nice trout this morning." Neal lifts the fine fish into the sunlight, and after admiring the speckled trout for a moment he releases it. Captain Neal, "Boy that was fun!" And it isn't long before Captain Neal is hooked up again. Captain Neal, "I have a big fish, Richard, I really don't know what it is. It did not break the water so I don't think it is a trout|Oh, it's a big...something." "Looks like a redfish." Soon, he deftly works the redfish to his side| "There you go, you never know what you are going to catch." Several more good eating size trout are soon on the stringer|and after three decades of guiding on the bay Captain Terry Neal has some sage advice| "You just gotta keep fishing." And the day just keeps getting better| "Let her go, let her grow up a little bit and make some more babies. With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore