Naughty neighbor causing problems in Primera

El Rancho Drive in Primera is a neighborhood filled with family homes except for one, where neighbors say a man lives alone and has allegedly terrorized them for years.

Consuelo Hernandez says her neighbor has never allowed her to live in peace and after several others came forward with the same complaints as hers, she took the issue to Primera Police.

"He's stolen from us, throws rocks at us, he yells obscenities at us and flashes vulgar signs and I don't know why."

That's apparently not all he's flashed.

"He takes off his clothes."

Consuelo says the man, who we will not identify since he hasn't been arrested or charged for a crime, allegedly stands at his front door naked for all to see.

Police say they didn't get any reports that he was taunting anyone or trying to get the attention of people passing by, but Consuelo says that shouldn't matter.

He's in plain view without any clothes and just because he doesn't wave at people to look at him, doesn't mean its right, especially with children living in homes directly next to his.

Consuelo says she's complained about his behavior to police before but nothing has been done and she just can't bear it anymore.

She says this is not a dispute between families living next to each other, apparently about 15 people who live around the man who can't be comfortable outside their own homes because of his alleged actions.

"I'm not asking police for much. I just want them to talk to him or find out if he needs help, take him somewhere to get help. I just ask that he lets me live in peace."

Four police reports have been filed against the neighbor, but Primera investigators tell Action 4 News they will let a judge decide on whether to pursue charges of indecent exposure or harassment.