Near drowning in Mission prompts call for pool safety

Parents with safety concerns turn to Aqua-Tots Swim School in North McAllen

Isabella Molina isn't even 2-years-old yet and already she's learning how to swim.

Her father Ricardo Molina says he just doesn't want to take any chances at home.

"One of our biggest fears is that we accidentally leave the door open and she'll jump into the swimming pool," he said.

A 7-year-old Mission boy is on life support after falling into a swimming pool over the holiday weekend.

Mission police say he was playing near his family's pool with friends when he accidentally fell in during an Easter celebration Sunday.

The child is on life support.

Parents with similar safety concerns turn to Aqua-Tots Swim School in North McAllen.

Christina Macias says the center teaches critical skills in the water to kids as young as 6 months.

"Accidents can happen with as little as 2 inches of water," the manager said.

Tots learn everything from breath control to depth perception.

Little Isabella can now pull herself out of the water on her own.

But Christina warns children should never be without adult supervision.

"None of us are drown proof," she said. "I'm not drown proof. So children aren't drown proof. Although one child may have the confidence to jump in and be able to recover themselves not every child has the same swim skill sets."

Signs that a child may be drowning can often be overlooked as play, according to Christina.

"You can't really scream or grasp for that air or make loud noises to get noticed so the arm movements look like swimming," she explained.

That's why Ricardo's in the water with his daughter during the swim lesson.

"We love our daughter and we need to make sure she knows how to swim," he said.

And while Isabella may be the one getting the help, it's dad who's building confidence too.

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