Nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana found in home

A call about a burglary in progress landed one of the suspects in jail and the homeowners in hot water.

San Juan police said they caught One of the burglary suspects with a few bundles of marijuana inside a "getaway" vehicle.

Police went back to the home that was burglarized on the 200 block of Bluebird Stret and found 1,600 more pounds of marijuana.

But that wasn't all.

Inside one of the bedroom was a marijuana grow lab, equipped with fertilizer, water, heat lamps and six fully grown hydroponic marijuana plants.

Police are calling the operation a sophisticated one.

Sgt. Rolando garcia says there is a chance that the residence being used to grow these plants may be contaminated and therefore will have to be deemed unlivable.

"This is a first for us," Sgt. Garcia said. "We encounter students/kids growing marijuana in their backyard and it's just one small plant. This was a very elaborate and sophisticated grow lab. They had fertilizers they were using to enhance and heat lamps to produce the light that's needed to grow these plants. They also had it set up in a certain room."

Police will know once inspectors get in there and check it out.

Garcia said they're also going to check what environmental impact this growing operation will have to neighbors living near the home on bluebird.

He says there was a lot of runoff with the fertilzer contamined with marijuana and that's a concern for them.

As for the homeowners, Garcia says the home was being rented.

Police are working with the landlord to locate those renters.

There is no word on when the suspect in custody will be charged.

The search continues for two other people involved in this case.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call San Juan Crimes Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.