Nearly 30 Brownsville families to lose their homes

Nearly 30 families in Brownsville may soon be homeless. Their entire subdivision will be auctioned off is less than two weeks.

Residents at the Northeast Estates subdivision in Brownsville received a letter letting them know their properties will be auctioned off by Cameron County on September 7th.

"Out of 180 about 80 one going to be auctioned off it appears," Francisco Gonzales told Action 4 News. "This section was never notified of any type of pending land issues or anything of that sort we found out by mere chance."

According to court documents, developer Landmark Valley Homes did not pay Inter National Bank in McAllen for dozens of lots at the subdivision and in total they owe a little more than $4 million dollars.

But their troubles don TMt end there.

Just by looking at it pretty quick the name Landmark pops up our system and some of the accounts do have delinquent taxes," Cameron County Tax-Assessor Tony Izzaguirre said.

Now the community has come together to find all legal options to keep their homes.

We can get a temporary restraining order and request an injunction to stop the sales and then we can look at the legal merits of it," Attorney Ed Stapleton said.

But in the meantime, there is little homeowners like Marta Fuentes can do but beg.

I went and I begged, because that TMs what I did. I humiliated myself, I got on my knees and I begged that they don TMt kick me out," she said.

But even then, it did not seem to be enough.

Action 4 News attempted to contact Landmark Valley Homes, but all of their numbers were disconnected, and former employees said they had had no contact with the company for months.

The Texas Attorney General TMs Office said they have four complains filed against the company.

They are also asking affected homeowners to contact them at their toll free number 1-800-252-8011.