'Need of money for family' leads to marijuana smuggling

Criminal Complaint document for Dallas Rusk

A man was arrested for attempting to transport over 1,800 pounds of marijuana on Thursday.

Dallas Rusk was taken into custody at the Falfurrias Checkpoint after Border Patrol agents found several marijuana in his Chevy Box Truck.

During routine questioning by Border Patrol agents, Rusk said he was an employee for Mexi-Snacks and was delivering a load of groceries Houston.

As he was being questioned more about the snack company, agents said Rusk was sweating and becoming impatient.

During a secondary vehicle inspection, an X-ray machine found several suspicious anomalies in the back of the truck.

After several seals and boxes were removed from the truck, agents found several black trash bags covered in laundry detergent.

Inside the trash bags, agents found 64 packages of marijuana weighing a total of 1,879 pounds.

Rusk told investigators he met a guy named Skinny who offered him $4,000 to take the packages of marijuana to Houston.

According to Rusk, Skinny met him at a McAllen grocery store and gave him the truck with keys, insurance, documents and $300 inside.

He was then told to drive the drugs to Houston where he was supposed to receive further instructions.

Rusk told agents the reason he did this was because he was in a financial bind and needed money for his family.

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