Neighbor of driver in deadly crash claims she likes to party

Scene of accident

Alfonzo Gonzalez lives in the apartment directly beneath Margaret Gil's in McAllen.

"We got here around the same time, he said. He had seen the red Toyota Rav4 parked in the numbered spot almost every day except the past few.

"I didn't know what had happened, Gonzalez said. He is shocked to hear about the deaths of four people and Gil's passenger and remembers seeing his neighbor with a neck brace in the past.

"She had been in some kind of accident. As far as I know, she stays home all day." We dug up a criminal record on Gil, which shows a prior felony conviction for prescription fraud.

Gonzalez claims there were many late night disturbances at her apartment.

"There were many occasions police came knocking at her door." He alleges he has witnessed Gil intoxicated behind the wheel of a car.

"It was about 2 a.m. and she crashed her car into the back of the apartment complex where my window is. I went out there and she was drunk as a skunk," Gonzalez said. There is no official word that Gil was drunk driving in the deadly highway 100 crash, but the news that she was behind the wheel of a two vehicle accident does not entirely surprise her neighbor.

"Well she likes to party."

No charges have been filed against Gil.