Neighborhood truck stop upsets residents

No one likes to have neighbors who don't maintain their property.

After driving by an empty lot full of 18 wheelers in his neighborhood day after day, one Edinburg man says he's had enough.

Juan Solis bought his first home on Calle Divina almost one year ago, but has had anything but a divine experience.

"I didn't expect the 18 wheelers coming in at midnight and a lot of drivers speeding around here, Solis said.

Just down the street from the Solis family, three big rigs sit in empty lots in the developing neighborhood.

There is a house getting built right in front on the 18 wheelers and I don't think they are going to want to live there if 18 wheelers are always almost hitting your house, Solis said.

Living on an intersection, Solis says there have been many close calls.

"Trying to turn here they almost hit our mailbox and my friends can TMt park here because they are scared if an 18 wheeler comes it will hit them, Solis said.

Wanting the trucks to move Solis filed a complaint with the city of Edinburg a month ago.

And he is not the only one who has, when Action 4 contacted the city of Edinburg, we learned the city has received three complaints.

"It TMs not a neighborhood people want to be in if 18 wheelers are driving around and people speeding right here, Solis said.

And it's not just the oversized trucks, four weeks ago someone broke into the Solis family's front door and stole their TV.

"We don TMt know if it's because of that but it TMs not the neighborhood we really wanted to live in, Solis said.

But Solis is determined to make it the neighborhood they want to live in.

"We TMre not a truck stop. We are trying to make a suburb here for children to grow and neighbors to be friendly, Solis said.

Solis nor his neighbors know who owns the trucks but the city told Action 4 they are aware of the situation and will look into the matter further.