Neighbors catch homicidal car crash fire on camera

Brownsville Police blocked traffic along Highway 48 as utility crews worked to restore downed power lines on Saturday morning.

The fiery crash that caused the mess also ended with the lives of two young people at about 2:20 a.m.

Bill Rusteberg lives right in front of where the crash happened.

I called 911 and grabbed a garden hose and ran up to the corner and tried to help put the fire out with the hose,he said.

Other neighbors captured the fire on their cell phones.

Police said a 2005 black Cadillac Escalade chased and rammed a red Pontiac Grand Am twice, trapping two of its four passengers.

I heard a male screaming for help, Rusteberg said. Get me out of here, help me please.

Twenty-year-old Cassandra Sierra died at the scene, trapped inside the car.

Rodolfo Ibanez, 20, died soon after at the hospital.

Police said a man that goes by the nickname Junior caused the crash on purpose.

The driver of the Escalade was stalking the area looking for Cassandra, as he was described as a jealous ex boyfriend, Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said.

He added that Junior walked away from crash.

Investigators are working several leads to track him, and the Cadillac Escalade he was driving offers little clues.

The vehicle was not properly registered and not up to date on the info so that's just extra legwork we have to do, Chief Rodriguez added.

Investigators said there is a chance Junior TM may have fled to Mexico.

They are turning to the community to help find him.

Anyone with information can contact the Brownsville Police Crime Stoppers line at (956) 546-8477.