Neighbors concerned about deadly intersection in Brownsville

The weekend death of 34-year-old Brenda Gomez has residents living on Indiana Road in Brownsville asking for a lower speed limit.

Some residents said they TMve had close encounters with cars plowing into their yards and are scared another tragedy will happen.

It was supposed to be just another trip to the mailbox, but for Gomez it was a walk to her death and Brownsville Police said alcohol and speeding were both factors.

Rosy Diaz, Gomez's neighbor, said accident traumatized her family - especially since they had already come close to being the victims themselves.

The bent chain link fence around her home is a daily reminder.

"A driver crashed into our fence and knocked it down, Diaz said. If it had not been for the palm tree (right next to it), the car would've ended up in our living room and bed room."

Diaz said she and her husband are considering moving to a different home. They said with their four young children living with them--- they have too much to lose.

"They should lower the speed limit to 40 miles per hour or at least put-in speed bumps," Diaz said.

An Action 4 News viewer who lives just several blocks from the scene of the accident, wrote-in and states that in the past 10 years at least six cars have plowed into his chain link fence also.

He said leaders not only need to set a new speed limit but police also have to enforce it.

Jurisdiction of the road is split between Brownsville and Cameron County so authorities will need to coordinate to be effective.

City Manager Charlie Cabbler said Farm to Market Road 511 or Indiana Road is a state road.

The City of Brownsville does not have the authority to reduce speed limits or set speed bumps there.

Cabbler said the process to reduce a speed limit could take several years, but encourages residents to file reports if another accident occurs.

He said the documentation will serve as proof that changes on Indiana Road are needed.

Cabbler also said he would like to look at other possible ways to improve safety for residents there like moving mailboxes further from the road.