Neighbors concerned with speed along site of double fatality

Cars zoom along Val Verde Road where just hours before two people lost their lives, a major concern for neighbors who say speeding is an issue.

The Friday night wreck happened near the home of Maria Guadalupe Salinas.

"I just heard a thump so I went outside and I got scared because I was looking for my son," she said.

She rushed out to the street to find a grim scene consisting of twisted metal, evidence of a deadly crash.

"I asked myself why they are not treating the people inside the white car, but they had no pulse," she added.

DPS said Cesar Bocanegra, 22, and Patsy Razo, 23, died inside their Chevy Montecarlo.

They were passing another car and lost control, crashing into a Ford Explorer.

According to DPS, speed was a big factor.

"Be careful along this curve, its dangerous," Humberto Perez, another neighbor, said. Drivers go by fast, above 40 miles per hour.

Perez added that this is the fourth accident along the curve on Val Verde Road.

He fears for the safety of his two young daughters.

"It TMs also dangerous because dogs wander out of here," he explained. The cars could swerve in this direction.

So I am a bit scared to be near the street, Perez concluded.

The neighbors urge drivers to follow the 40 mile per hour speed limit, in hopes no other lives are lost.

A family of four was traveling inside the Ford Explorer, including two children ages 2 and 5.

All four were hospitalized, but information on their condition remained unavailable.