Neighbors describe Brownsville sex offender who claims he's a murderer

Maria Galan manages the Colonial Hotel at 1147 E. Levee St. in Brownsville.

It TMs the hotel 63-year-old Jeffrey Paul Cutlip, a self-proclaimed murderer- had been staying for nearly a month. Galan said Cutlip was for the most part a normal tenant, except for the daily calls requesting an ambulance.

"He would say the pills he was taking were not working and sometimes he couldn't sleep, so that's why he'd call the ambulance," Galan said.

Galan was shocked to find out that Cutlip had turned himself in to Brownsville police on Saturday, after he confessed to four murders in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s.

"I TMd believe he's crazy before I TMd believe he's a murderer," Galan said.

However, Brownsville police didn't take any chances when Cutlip called them to implicate himself in the murders.

They detained him and called Portland police, who are now in the Valley questioning Cutlip.

"It's a very rare case, Brownsville Police Spokesperson Billy Killebrew said. We don TMt really, normally get calls and (someone) says, ~you know what, I TMve done this and this and this, maybe it's something that in time really gotten to him or maybe his conscious for him to want to call us" Cutlip had been arrested in April by Brownsville police because he failed to register as a sex offender. Police have not said why Cutlip moved to Brownsville, but said he's been in the city for less than a year staying at a nursing home, and most recently at the Colonial Hotel. Police said he TMs been getting by on his disability check. Despite the confession, authorities said the cases Cutlip links himself to, are far from open and shut. Portland police will now have to re-examine the decades-old evidence.

"They'll look at a suspect and see what details he presents - maybe something only a killer would know, a crime a specific location- that's what they take into consideration (these) days, especially if you don TMt have (physical evidence) from 40 years ago."