Neighbors help mother, daughter left homeless in Port Isabel fire

A scorched wood pile and tangled metal are all that remain from Maria Contreras' home in Port Isabel.

A fire ripped through her mobile home Saturday night, destroying all her possessions.

"Right now she's not even in a good condition, Rick Drummond, the manager at the Port Isabel Marina said. She's very... we'll look at her place."

Contreras lived in the mobile home with her 4-year-old daughter.

Drummond said Contreras was not home when the fire began, and that it took the fire department nearly 30 minutes to arrive.

"Response? Too slow, because if the wind's coming from another direction, bingo, we would've lost more," he said.

The flames reached a nearby shed and neighbor's boat before fire fighters could control it.

Drummond is also thankful for extra help from Mother Nature's winds.

"That helped us because they blew the fire towards the street and away from the other trailers, he said. If it had been coming from another direction we would've lost rows after rows of trailers."

As investigators worked to determine the cause of the fire, neighbors stepped in to help Contreras.

"They've taken her in last night and I'm thankful for that," Drummond added.

Port Isabel Police Chief Guadalberto Gonzalez says the Red Cross has also stepped up to help Contreras and her daughter.

They are also working on setting up an account for donations.