Neighbors react to baby found face down in tub

A woman who lives in the apartment next to door #6 at the J & J Apartments on Iowa Road in Brownsville recalls the frantic moments after her neighbor, a woman believed to be in her 20's, found her baby unresponsive.

According to Brownsville Police, the baby, approximately a year old, was found face down in water in the bathtub.

Some neighbors say they heard her mother screaming for help and remember seeing the despair on the woman's face when the paramedics carted her and her baby away.

She had the baby in her arms and the baby was passed out, said a woman who lives nearby.

The neighbor says the woman lives alone with her baby girl and a toddler son and people who live there never saw any cause for concern.

The incident sent shockwaves through the families here who watched in horror as a little lifeless body was taken away to the hospital.

Crime scene investigators began their work shortly after, entering the apartment and interviewing neighbors who will hold onto their children a little tighter from now on.

At last check, Brownsville police report the baby was hospitalized in critical condition but gave no further details on how the incident occurred.