Neighbors react to drive-by shooting that killed teen

It was the jarring sound of bullets that kept a mother of four, awake; a sound she didn't expect to hear.

Peeking through her window, Monica Robledo said she saw a car going down the street. It was only later she found out, the person inside had been shot.

"I heard the vehicle speeding up and that TMs when I heard four gunshots I came and looked outside and that's when I saw a guy have a bullet wound in his neck," said Monica Robledo. According to Robledo, the teen's brother-in-law yelled out, someone needed to call 9-1-1. Robledo said the vehicle the teen was driving was still rolling down the street, heading straight for her house.

"They stopped it for him because his foot was still on the gas, he couldn TMt move anymore, " said Monica Robledo.

Police arrived within minutes, the teen was rushed to the hospital where he later died. Police suspect the shooting could be gang related, neighbors say, that wasn't the case.

"The boy was in his car, a van passed by, they exchanged words, they said something to him, for him not to be involved with girls or their cousins...shots were fired and they left," said a witness. Action 4 spoke with neighbors and they said they remain on edge knowing the other suspects, haven't been caught, now they are worried they could come back. A woman has been arrested, Edinburg Police suspect others are involved; they still don't know what role the woman played in the shooting.

The woman has not been charged, she is being held on murder charges. This case is expected to go before a judge on Monday.

If you have any information Edinburg Police are asking people to contact crime stoppers at 383-TIPS (8477).