Neighbors react to drug-related murder outside Mission

It is the 15th murder in Hidalgo County and the only one that has not been solved.

But it is the circumstances that surround this murder that has Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office investigators believing it could be drug related.

Motorists who travel on Bentsen Palm Drive are driving right over what was once a murder scene late Monday evening.

They go about their day-passing over the blood stained pavement where Abraham Rodriguez Correa was executed-shot four times in the back of the head.

Correa was left in the middle of the road where a car accidentally ran over him.

It was not until a passerby notified the owner of La Hondurena Taqueria that a man was lying in the middle of the road and needed help.

The owner, we will call 'Maria', said after she called 911 she and another lady ran into the street to stop traffic.

"We wanted to stop cars from running over the body," said Maria.

Maria said that she saw Correa Monday afternoon-after he stopped by for lunch.

"He said 'hi' and sat down and ordered a hamburger...what he always orders," said Maria.

Nothing like this has happened in three years she has been in business-a murder this close to home puts her on edge.

"I'm a bit scared," said Maria. "I mean I knew who the person was that was killed ....I'm a bit nervous."

According to sheriff investigators Correa was an illegal immigrant who had been deported four times and has and extensive criminal record-ranging from drug possession to burglary.

"To come over here just to get drunk and commit crimes and then get deported numerous times-- it doesn't make sense," said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio. "We believe that he might be involved in something else."

Trevio said his men have gathered enough information at the crime scene to lead them to the triggerman.

The sheriff said Correa resides in Starr County and every family member they have spoken with said they do not know why he was in Hidalgo County.

Trevio said this leads them to believe this killing could be drug related.