Neighbors run for their lives as shots ring

Neighbors ran for their lives as shots were fired

La Joya resident Gloria Salinas with her five grandchildren as the deadly shootout happened right outside her house.

She had only seconds to react.

"I was inside when my daughters says there's alot of sheriffs coming by the house and I told them get inside get inside," Salinas said. "I just heard the gunshots and I ran inside."

Salinas said the only though that ran through her mind was find safety for her five grandchildren.

"They were asking me are we going to get killed too," she said.

She made the decision to take her whole family though the backyard.

"We jumped the fence believe it or not we all jumped the fence," neighbor Lulu Negreta said.

Directly across the street from her house a man wanted for a murder in Edinburg barricaded himself inside a house shooting two police officers before dying during a gun battle Tuesday night.

Her house was hit by a few of the hundreds of bullets exchanged that night.

"I'm grateful we are alive, my grandkids especially," Salinas said.

Salinas was kept out of her house as authorities collected evidence from the crime scene through Wednesday morning.

With no place to stay, her neighbors took the family in.

"Since I live a house away they let me in of course I kept my doors open to neighbors," Negreta said.

Now everyone on 9 1/2 Street is back in their homes and the street is free of police officers.

But the memory of the deadly stand-off in La Joya will not be something soon forgotten.

Especially for children who were yards away from a gunman with loads of ammo.