Neighbors said jailed couple yelled at their kids but kept to themselves

They were a quiet couple that kept themselves and never came out of their apartment but there were signs of trouble.

That TMs how neighbors described Barbara Bravo and Jesus Gonzalez.

The Harlingen couple remains behind bars under injury to a child charges.

Court records reveal paramedics rushed bravo's baby to the hospital after he had a seizure and suffered a heart attack.

The 11-month-old remains in critical condition at the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

That's where doctor's also noticed bruises, broken bones and other injuries.

Bravo is accused of throwing her 11-month-old son to ground, slapping him and even kicking him.


Neighbor Eliah Mendez said Bravo and Gonzalez moved in to their apartment home off East Adams Street about two months ago.

Mendez said the couple wasn TMt very social and rarely came outside but showed signs of trouble.

I would sit here at night sometimes and I could hear them yelling at the kids really bad, Mendez said. I'd get so made that I'd wanna go in there and tell 'em off. Don't talk to your kids like that.

Although there was lots of yelling, Mendez and her sister Crista never imagined that there was an 11-month-old boy being beaten.

Court records show that Bravo told investigators that the boy injured himself by falling, with his toys and playing with his siblings.

But police didn TMt buy her story.

Investigators allege that Gonzalez knew about the abuse but didn't report or do anything to stop it.

But Mendez said that Gonzalez had a bad temper too.

I heard the older kids, Mendez said. I heard him yelling at the kids really bad. Late at night. I never thought."

Prior Incidents?

The two sisters told Action 4 News that an ambulance had been to Bravo's home two days in a row.

Court records confirm another incident where Bravo took her baby to the hospital back in June.

The baby boy was injured so bad that his eye was swollen shut.

As the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, that's something unthinkable to Mendez.

It hurts me when my daughter cries, Mendez said. I don't want her to cry. For them to do that to their little boy..."

Child Protective Services has taken Bravo's other children into custody while authorities continue to investigate the abuse allegations.

Both Bravo and Gonzalez remain behind bars under $500 thousand dollar bonds.