Neighbors say deadly road needs speed bumps, police patrol

Crash site

Residents in a rural Rio Grande City neighborhood want speed bumps and police patrols to stop speeders along a stretch of road.

Marco Garza and his family moved into their home off Alvarez Road in Rio Grande City two years ago.

I TMm really tired of the speeders, I mean people drive like crazy out here, Garza said.

Garza noticed the tombstone across the street from his home and soon realized what has caused half a dozen deaths along the road.

Every day it TMs the same thing, Garza said. People are just driving like crazy through this road and it TMs gotta stop.

Tuesday night a Chevrolet Silverado crashed near Garza TMs home hitting a tree and light pole.

I looked down there and all I saw was a mangled truck, Garza said.

The driver, 21 year-old Miguel Garcia, died at the scene.

The passenger, 18 year-old Mariana Castillo, was ejected from the truck and died on the way to the hospital.

Authorities believe alcohol and speed played a factor in the deadly accident.

How many people got to die before they do something? Garza asked. They could put speed bumps or have law enforcement down here.

Rio Grande City police do not patrol the area because it is outside city limits and falls under county jurisdiction.

Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal said residents could gain access to city services by petitioning the city to be annexed.

They would get improved roads, lighting and they would have a very direct line of contact as to who they can call compared to county that has a large area to cover, Mayor Villarreal said.

He said speed bumps may not be the best option for Alvarez road.

Something as simple as better signage would help tremendously, Mayor Villarreal said.

But if resident do chose to be annexed by the city they would have to pay more taxes.

Yes, people will say you have to pay taxes but you will get back your money in the form of better services, Mayor Villarreal said.

Some residents say paying more taxes may be a worthwhile price to pay to avoid another tragedy.