Neighbors shocked by immigrant stash house

Residents along Woodway in Brownsville never imagined that illegal immigrants were being stashed just down the street.

Police said Monday morning an illegal immigrant man held hostage in a home in this area, managed to escape and call for help.

We spoke to the man who helped the illegal and said the man told him he along with 11 others were being held hostage for ransom.

The neighbor automatically notified police who responded immediately.

According to Brownsville Police the illegals had been held for at least 5 days.

Swat units arrived in the area and quickly moved to surround the home.

Action 4 News obtained exclusive video shot by a neighbor showing SWAT going into the home.

The suspects surrendered to police peacefully and were taken out of the home.

The weapons allegedly were not found inside but our cameras did spot a gun on top of the roof of the home.

Luckily none of the hostages were injured.

Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia says at the end we wound up with 10 males 2 females and 3 suspects.

The majority of the males were from Mexico, two females from El Salvador.

As far as the 3 suspects their identities and charges have yet to be determined.

All of the illegals being held were handed over to Border Patrol for processing.