Neighbors speak about San Benito tire fire

Luis Garcia was not surprised when he learned the massive fire Monday afternoon was coming from a field right next to his house.

Garcia has been living at his San Benito home since 1994.

He said since then, he's noticed the illegal tire dumping and alerted city and county officials.

"They just come with police, they just stand right there and go back. they never did nothing about it" said Luis Garcia.

While crews continue to battle the blaze, Garcia is dealing with the repercussions of the smoke.

Chemicals from the tires continue to blow his direction-- leaving him no choice but to stay inside.

"I have a heart problem. I feel short breath and weak" said Luis Garcia.

On Wednesday, fire crews along with other agencies across the Rio Grande Valley were out using heavy equipment to attack the smoldering piles of debris.

Over the past several days, fire crews have been blasting the area with water and foam.

"We have to make it safe, we have to spray water to the fire sight, that makes it a lot safer for our guys" said Humberto Barrera, Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Winds blowing 15 to 20 miles per hour have made it difficult for fire fighters to put out the fire.

However, officials hope to have 95 percent of the area under control by the end of Wednesday.

Action 4 News spoke to Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos, who stated he was never aware of any complaints.

He did points out, in order for officials to arrest someone for illegal dumping, they first have to catch them in the act.