Neighbors speak about slain retired Border Patrol agent

Home of slain retired Border Patrol Agent Willis Kimmons

People who live in the neighborhood where an elderly man was found dead inside his home are speaking out.

Police said foul play may be involved.

Mission police said they found an 86-year-old retired Border Patrol agent dead in his bedroom.

Officers responded to a call Tuesday at around 6 p.m. in the evening when a neighbor called police and said the door and garage were open.

When they arrived police said they found Willis Kimmons dead in his bedroom with trauma to his face.

"I saw the crime tape, and I said this isn't right," said Rudy Garza who lives in the neighborhood.

Garza lives in the neighborhood.

He said he didn't know the victim personally, but he knew Willis Kimmons was elderly and lived alone.

"When I would drive by, I would turn, and I would look into his yard and see if everythings okay," said Garza.

He said this neighborhood on the 200 block of West 2 Mile Line is usually a quiet one but these days nothing surprises him.

"I assume that people are trying to get into property that are not theirs with all these drugs that's going on, they need money for their problem their addiction, and they'll go to the elderly because I believe its easier for them," said Garza.

Armando Cantu said he comes to the neighborhood frequently to visit friends.

"People are doing such bad things," said Cantu.

He said this news makes him feel uneasy.

"It was so peaceful here," Cantu said. "Nothing ever happened."

Garza said neighbors need to stick together and take care of one another especially the elderly.

"Check on them if they need anything, help them out," Garza said. "It doesn't take much."

And if there's any criminal activity in the neighborhood, call police.

Witnesses report police took at least one person into custody Wednesday afternoon at the HEB supermarket on Conway.

Police are not commenting on the arrests.