New bill presented to hurry process to send immigrants back home

Congressman Henry Cuellar finished presenting a bill to speed up removals of unaccompanied Central American children who've been arriving at the border.

The bipartisan legislation is co-written by Senator John Cornyn which will allow Border Patrol agents to turn many of the children around quickly.

Under current law, they stay here while awaiting a hearing in the backlogged immigration court system, something that can keep them in this country for years.

Other notable changes included what's being called "the humane act.

It TMs the modification of a 2008 Trafficking Victim TMs Protection Act to treat undocumented children from Central America, like those that come from Mexico, require the hiring of 40 new immigration judges and provide funding for Valley cities that have been spending their own money in this crisis.

I want to put a provision there, where a help local communities, with some reimbursement to make sure we help them. Not only money for stonegraten law enforcement but also for the local communities the poor communities that have been putting money out of their own pocket to address this humanitarian crisis," Congressman Henry Cuellar said

According to a law enforcement official, who spoke anonymously, more than 57,000 unaccompanied minors have arrived at the border. Since October, only 12,000 have been returned home as of the end of June.

Congressman Cuellar told Action 4 News they have until July 31st to get this passed.