New bill to help stalking victims

Brenda Lee Nunez, 17, of Brownsville was murdered allegedly by an ex-boyfriend in 2008.

Hector Herrasti plead guilty to her murder.

Friendship of Women Prevention Coordinator Claudia Cerda said this is one of the worst cases of stalking.

"At many times doesn TMt know it that (stalking) is a crime, Cerda said.

They think it's ok, you know - he's calling me, he TMs following me because he says he loves me and can TMt live without me" Cerda said.

Cerda said anything from constantly following someone to putting a GPS tracker on their vehicle, can be considered stalking, especially when the alleged victim feels there's a real threat.

In the past, the organization suggested their victims keep track of any potential stalking behaviors in a journal.

But as of 2012, Senate Bill 250 will make things easier for these types of victims.

They will now have the power to file for a protective order against the alleged offender, after a court reviews the case and deems it valid.

"It TMs very important for them to report that incident, Cerda said.

A lot of the times those (people TMs actions) do escalate, and that's when something bad will happen."

Cerda said anyone can be a victim of stalking, but in over 60 percent of the cases, it turns out to be an intimate partner or former partner, that many times can go over the edge.

"A lot of stalking incidents lead to sexual assault or domestic violence or murder," Cerda said.