New business cameras ordinance in San Juan

Starting in November any and all regulated businesses in San Juan will be required to have surveillance cameras.

"It has assisted us in solving attempted murders and robberies, said Sgt. Rudy Luna. It's for the safety of the stores themselves."

Recently Maria Ibarra found her store a victim of the rooftop burglar.

"I saw the roof and I was like ~oh my god TM it was terrible," said Ibarra. San Juan Police are still searching for the suspect, but say they have a good idea of who he is. For those businesses without cameras, they will have until the end of November to get them. "You have to have a video showing the outside of the store, customers entering, said Luna. You have to have a camera where the cash register is at." Sgt. Luna said they know some businesses might have trouble buying the surveillance equipment so they are looking into grants that might help with costs.