New Businesses may come to San Benito

Several new stores may be showcasing their names along Sam Houston Boulevard in San Benito.

"It's two developers and a franchise owner and all 3 of these businesses are looking into the downtown area, said Alama Colleli / Executive Director of the Economic Development Corp.

Among those stores, a national retailer that expects to create about 20 new jobs.

"I think San Benito is very fortunate to have a company of that magnitude coming into our city, said San Benito Mayor Joe Hernandez.

So how did they manage to bring new businesses and a major retailer to san Benito? City officials says it's called, being proactive.

"We have been getting out there, we're members of the international council of shopping centers, we're active with other organizations and we go out and promote San Benito, Mrs. Colleli

And there's more good news, the city is getting their hospital back. In 2007 Dolly Vinsant memorial hospital closed down due to back taxes but now it's under a new owner.

"We already have a person who bought that one and I think they're fixing to upgrade it and bring it back up to standards, said Mayor Hernandez

And while the city managed to bring in new business during these hard economic times, they know they have to take it one step at a time.

"I know right now we're not going to see anything of that sort but if we can work with developers that can do 2 or 3 businesses at a time i think we're going to be very happy with that, said Mrs. Colleli.

City officials plan to have contracts signed in a couple of weeks that's when they will be able to announce the names of the new businesses.