New details released about Harlingen murder suspects

Murder Victim: Ramiro Barron / 2007 TDCJ Mugshot

Investigators are remaining silent but court records reveal new information about two suspects arrested for a murder in Harlingen's south side.

Four people remain in custody under murder charges for the November 12th murder of 27-year-old Ramiro Barron.

Police arrested 17-year-old Jesus Hernandez and 26-year-old Adrian Barrera days after the shooting.

Court records show that it all stemmed from a gun deal gone bad where Barron bought a gun from Hernandez, didn't pay for it and kept it.

Police later arrested 19-year-old Jesus Cresencio Collazo and a 15-year-old girl for Barron's death but did not release details about their connection to the case.

Records obtained by Action 4 News show that Collazo and the teenage girl were present at the time of the deadly shooting.

The court records show that Barrera, Hernandez, Collazo and the girl were all riding in Barrera's truck around looking for Barron.

They found him on the 2600 block of Knox Avenue where Barrera took the gun back from Barron and then shot him.

All four suspects remain in custody.

Unknown persons marked a building near the crime scene with a gang graffiti memorial for Barron early Sunday but it was removed Monday morning.