New details, video emerge following arrest of Zetas leader

A top cartel leader in Mexico is now behind bars.

Normally, we just see them presented before cameras after their arrest but this time video of the actual soldiers storming into the alleged cartel leaders home.

They are images we rarely see.

Mexican Marines armed with assault rifles, shielded by bullet proof vests and helmets, moved in on a house in San Luis Potosi, Mexico believed to be occupied by their target.

He is known in the cartel world as "El Taliban."

The Mexican Navy zoned in on Ivan Velazquez Caballero Wednesday.

He was considered by authorities to be "one of the principal leaders of the Zetas cartel."

The criminal organization is known to operate along the border, smuggling drugs and hanging bodies in public places, sending a message to anyone who does them wrong.

"El Taliban's" name was on the list of Mexico's 37 most wanted traffickers, with a reward of $2.3 Million for information leading to his arrest.

The Mexican Navy claims the suspect confirmed his identity.

Officials say internal battles between Velazquez Caballero and top Zetas' leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales was the reason for a recent rise in massacres and shootouts in North-Eastern Mexico.

Over the past six years, almost 60-thousand people have died in drug related violence in Mexico.