New Edcouch-Elsa school board members sworn in

All 7 Edcouch-Elsa school board members were in attendance Monday night as a packed house hung on their every word.

It was rumored after they failed to appear at last week's meeting that they were planning to file a temporary restraining order to stop this one from happening too.

To everyone's relief the scheduled business went off without a hitch.

Votes were canvassed and 6 new board members took the oath to serve the Yellowjacket community.

All former Edcouch- Elsa grads ran their campaign as a team and make up the majority of board now.

The only returning member, Juan Jose Ybarra, said his congratulations and left the room with the former members.

The young guns have some very tough issues to tackle, but they say they've been waiting for the opportunity to turn things around and there's no time like the present.