New Four-Legged Officer Joins the Team

Rocky is the newest memer to join Harlingen PD

The Harlingen Police Department has added a new member to the force.

Today, they welcomed a four legged companion named Rocky.

Rocky is a year and half old; that is also how long the police department has been looking for a new canine.

Rocky TMs predecessor, Harley, had to be let go for biting his handler and causing severe nerve damage.

Harley attacked the handler while tracking down suspected kidnappers.

Harley was let go and sent to a new office.

A year and a half later, Rocky is taking his place with a new handler.

"I feel real good having that back up, a dog can get into those places and alert to something they suspect that we may have around but not necessarily see, Police Officer Jeffrey Dixie said.

Rocky is a Rottweiler, trained and certified to sniff and find drugs, money and even missing people in areas where police can't get too, don't see or aren't allowed without a warrant.

"We can check lockers at school, we can check facilities and vehicles without having to go inside of them, Sgt. David Osborne said. Usually dogs can do an aerial search and they can walk around a vehicle and tell if there TMs something going on."

Rocky will also help convict the bad guys.

"Gives us good information for court to say this is why we did because the dog had an alert on location or vehicle or even a person, Sgt. David Osborne says. It is credible for court to say that's a good probable cause to continue their investigation."

Sgt. David Osborne tells us Rocky will have two main roles: searching for narcotics and on cases where officers aren TMt allowed to go in without a search warrant.

At the moment the Harlingen Police Department has one dog, but they expect their canine family to grow once they get more funds.

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