New fruit & veggie guidelines for WIC program

It's been a long 30 years since the Texas Women Infants and Children (WIC) program has made any changes

But now Texas state officials have made a sweeping series of changes to help curb childhood obesity.

The Texas Department of State Health Services announced that new fruit and vegetable products will be available to their WIC clients.

State officials have added fruits, vegetables, whole grain products and reduced their milk from whole milk to low fat.

The new changes have taken affect and WIC hopes to have everyone changed over by the end of the year.

Action 4 News interviewed Hidalgo County WIC Director Norma Longoria about the changes at an event sponsored at the H-E-B Plus in San Juan.

"We also educating our clients on a one to one basis we also are giving them classes on how to cook with fruits and vegetables, Longoria said. We giving the recipes that they can utilize their taking home lots of materials to go along with."

Action 4 News has posted a PDF copy of the new fruit and vegetable guidelines but officials are asking recipients to direct questions to their local WIC office.