New Health Care Bill To Change Fast Food Menus

Starting next year restaurants will be required to post how many calories each food item has on their menus.

People like Ricarda Cavazos, a Harlingen resident were pleased to hear of the new plan, you TMre more informed, you get to know what you TMre eating."

But others like Robert Larson wont said they won TMt change their habits, not if I like what TMs on the menu."

President Barack Obama hopes that with this new approach next time you pull up to a drive thru, you'll make a healthier choice.

Dawn Rodriguez Director of the Bariatric Program at Valley Baptist in Harlingen tells Action 4 this new plan helps would allow people to know what they TMre eating.

Now you can see, if you TMre on a calorie diet for a whole day, you'll see how the points will add up, said Rodriguez.

She also points out, if you can utilize a diet, in a daily a basis that is friendly for a person to use, then they are going to stick with it." This way Americans can see results and think twice before biting into that burger.

Public health researchers believe this new plan will have an effect on restaurants pressuring them for healthier options.

It TMs also important to note the new law will apply to only those chains with more than 20 locations.