New Industrial Park Sparking Business

A small valley city gets a big boost in business.

A new industrial park in Primera welcomes a new company, but it was a fight for funds that made it happen.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going and in this city, a large company is leading the way for even more growth.

At least that is what state and local leaders are banking on. "Most importantly the jobs associated with it, property that goes on the tax base and people like to see activity and I think it will be an enticement to see other businesses locate in this area as well, said Primera Mayor Pat Patterson. "This is the start with the industrial park and I think we're going to get more - we're working on more businesses to come to the city of Primera."

Texas Agriculture commissioner Todd Staples congratulated the mayor and Scott Davis, manager of Alamo Doors on the company's new site.

After 10 years in Harlingen, the company which specializes in manufacturing residential garage doors, relocated to the new industrial park in Primera thanks to the Texas Capital Fund which provides money for rural communities but it wasn't easy to come by.

"Primera had to compete for these dollars, said Staples, But they passed the test and you can see the result from it here today."

Alamo doors, a first of what could be many companies to plant roots in Primera, plans to boost the local economy.

"We're planning on adding another 15 jobs in the next two to three years." said Alamo Door Systems Scott Davis.

"Eventually this warehouse could manufacture these large airport hangar doors and make 19 thousand dollars off each one, said Davis. It TMs a great Texas success story.

The small town is welcoming the big company with open arms and can't wait to see what other doors will open as a result.

"We love the location it suits us perfectly, said Davis. Access to highways and Harlingen are perfect for us"

The grant to start the Primera industrial park was in the amount of nearly $520,000.

The entire grounds should be finished and ready for other businesses to move in by May.