New law allows 18-wheelers from Mexico to carry more cargo

A new law will allow 18-wheelers to cross the Anzalduas International Bridge from Mexico with more cargo.

The increase in weight means businesses on the American side will get their products faster.

State and local leaders gathered at the bridge in Mission on Friday morning.

They discussed how to implement House Bill 474, which was passed in the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry.

Laws restrict on how much cargo an 18-wheeler truck can bring into Texas from Mexico.

The rules are in place because heavier loads tear up the roadway and require more workers to check them.

The new law raises the weight limit from 80,000 pounds to 125,000 pounds.

But new law allocates money to repair damaged roads and hire additional staff.

State and local leaders say the bill is already attracting more warehouse and trucking companies to the area.

Texas State Rep. Sergio Muoz, Jr. spoke to Action 4 News about the bill.

"They're looking to invest in our foreign trade zones our industrial parks and we know with every warehouse that is built its continues to create additional jobs, Muoz said.

The first round of 18-wheelers using the new weight limits are expected to starting crossing the bridge in just a few weeks.

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