New murder details surface during killer TMs sentencing trial

Javier De La Rosa and his defense attorney

An emotional Javier de la Rosa buried his face in his palm, unable to look at the graphic autopsy photos of 17-year-old Tiffany Galvan, his then girlfriend, and murder victim.

"Prosecutor: Would Ms. Galvan have suffered pain? Yes," Dr. Norma Jean Farley said.

She was the first witness, the forensic pathologist that conducted the autopsy.

Dr. Farley said Tiffany was indeed stabbed 48 times, but not just in her back, she had wounds in the neck, arms and face.

She added that Tiffany was not pregnant when she was murdered, back in August of 2010.

"There's nothing wrong in the uterus, there's no inter-uterine pregnancy, no hemorrhage," she explained in the witness stand.

Prosecution attorney's showed photo after photo depicting Tiffany Galvan's autopsy and the crime scene.

The second witness was the Cameron County sergeant leading her murder investigation.

When you see stabbings like that around the face, what does that indicate to you? the prosecution asked.

Sgt. Alvaro Guerra responded saying, that the killer knew the victim and that he had some type of anger towards the victim."

The cause of that anger remained unknown.

But the sentencing trial on Tuesday revealed many details about tiffany's death at the hands of De la Rosa.

"She had some defensive stab wounds on her arms, Sgt. Guerra added. That told me that she didn't die right away, that she tried to fight a little bit to live."

But, it was ultimately a fight she did not win.

Defense attorneys will call on family members to the stand to vouch for De la Rosa.

He faces up to 99 years in prison.

Judge Benjamin Euresti recessed the trial until next Tuesday morning due to a death in the family.