New principal on moving Cougars forward

Principal Micallef with a member of the staff

Edinburg North High School is back in session with a new principal at the helm.

"We want to make sure we look great on the outside like we do on the inside," said Principal Mark Micallef.

He is a veteran educator with 18 years of experience.

Micallef taught social studies on the campus back in the nineties.

He's no stranger to leadership, recently serving as Assistant Principal of Edinburg South Middle School.

"It TMs like coming home," said Micallef.

He replaces Ramiro Guerra who was fired after allegations of hitting on a female co-worker while out of town at an education conference.

Guerra denies the allegations.

Micallef is focused on the future.

"We're not even looking back, we're looking forward. Only thing we're looking at is what's in best interest of the school, students, and moving forward," said Micallef.

He's not letting an alleged "bad apple" damage the school's reputation.

"We want to make sure the staff understands that they're supported, that they are respected and build on that," said Micallef.

He tells us his office has 3 doors and they're always open to students, staff, and the community.