New program to put the brakes on reckless driving in neighbhorhoods

San Juan police

A year-long study of the worst neighborhoods for speeding is mapped out by the San Juan Police Department. "We have identified three neighborhoods that we're going to be looking at," Chief Juan Gonzalez said. Red push pins indicate the most calls for reckless driving. Reckless driving is speeding more than double the posted limit. And in the city, nearly all of the residential speed zones are listed at 20 miles per hour. "If people think they're not going to be arrested for reckless driving they are," the chief said. Officers arrested six people for reckless driving last year, according to records. Citizens phoned in 168 complaints to the police department. Loma Linda, south of Sioux Road, tops the list of complaint areas. "They [drivers] can pick up speeds from 20 all the way up to 80 miles per hour," the chief explained. The San Juan PD's new Neighborhood Speed Watch Program hopes to put the brakes on speeders. Areas identified in the traffic study for the highest number of complaints, tickets and arrests for reckless driving will see immediate action in the form of increased patrol, new signage and either speed bumps, humps or buttons for the road, according to the chief. "We're going to be doing that in the next 30 days," he told a man outside a home on Loma Linda. "Oh really?!" the unidentified man responded. "Lovely!" Other people along Loma Linda learned of the upcoming safety improvements first hand from the chief. The news is met with plenty of praise. "Ten thumbs up on that one," another person said. Residents will be also informed of the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program through the mail. Maria Martinez is a mother of two who lives along Sun Valley Street, just west of Cesar Chavez, which is another area in the pilot program along with Retama Road near El Dora Road. "I think it's a good idea, especially when we have kids," she said. "It will be great, that way we feel more secure." The road humps will be funded with police forfeiture money to save taxpayer dollars, according to the chief. But the real focus is to stop speeders and save lives. "You're going to go to jail for reckless driving," the chief said. We need the community TMs support. Anyone with a speeding concern or who would like to join the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program is urged to contact the San Juan Police Department. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook Page

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