New released about Chimney Park cartel shootout

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) released new information about a cross-border shootout.

It happened South of Mission Thursday morning between American law enforcement officials and suspected member of the Gulf Cartel.

DPS said there's been an increase with confrontation with drug cartels.

They said over the past 18 months there's been 44 incidents involving high speed chases.

DPS Director Steve McCraw said law enforcement is seeing more drug related activites involving cartels than before.

"And in doing so they've been using spikes and in doing so they are effective to disable patrol cars that are pursuing them but also demotoring the public," said McCraw.

It's a danger for not only law enforcement but the community as a whole.

During Thursday's shootout, spikes weren't used but rather bullets.

"What this really is about is an attempted capital murder on Texas police officers and border patrol agents," said McCraw.

McCraw said around 6:18 a.m. Thursday, authorities spotted a stolen red durango with no lights and Tamaulipas plates.

They spotted the durango driving towards the river.

Cartel retrieval teams unloaded 400 pounds of marijuana and started moving the bundles across the river to Mexico.

That's when a border patrol boat and three game warden boats went to intervene.

"But as they were coming in to contact with it, they were immediately receiving rocks and shots were fired," said McCraw.

McCraw said at least six shots were fired from the Mexican side, and American law enforcement officials fired back 300 rounds.

"If you shoot at a law enforcement officer, you're going to get return fire," said McCraw.

McCraw said some American law enforcement officials were injured from the rocks thrown at them, but they were treated and immediately released.

The suspected smugglers on the Mexican side weren't so lucky.

McCraw said he's received reports that three of the suspected smugglers was injured by the gunfire and one could have possibly been killed.

The suspects have not been identified but McCraw said the Gulf Cartel has claimed responsibility for the shooting.

The case remains under investigation on both sides of the border.