New road in Edinburg coming after visit from Pothole Patrol

Covering potholes on Seminary Road outside Edinburg has only lead to more of a mess as the Pothole Patrol revealed a few weeks ago.

It was our report that caught the attention of Hidalgo County Commissioner Precinct 4 Joseph Palacios.

"We watched the night that your story was aired and we immediately tried to figure out whose jurisdiction the road falls in. That's why we're here; we were able to get interlocal agreements."

The City of Edinburg is also involved and Commissioner Palacios says after many years Seminary Road is getting the attention it deserves.

The residents who live around there will be pleased to know a permanent fix is coming.

"It's because of your Pothole Patrol report we're fixing the area around the section where you did the report, but we're also doing the entire 1.5 mile section."

In 3 months time potholes on Seminary will be a thing of the past and it will be safer place to drive.

Jurisdictional lines of each government are now dissolved as both entities work to pound away potholes.

"We're probably looking at a mid-March to late March start on the project, the city is doing the engineering and we're doing the in-house construction."

Although the Pothole Patrol got the word out to Commissioner Palacios about this situation, he would like the residents in his district to be just as vocal.

"We like to know, we encourage residents and taxpayers to advise us of problematic roads."

So get ready, if you drive down Seminary Road, the wheels of change are finally in motion.

"Basically, we're gonna break up the road, we're gonna reset all the sub-base, the caliche, pack that down and come back with an overlay of asphalt so it's going to be fully reconstructed."

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