New software helps parents monitor kids cell phone

For many parents there is nothing more precious than their children, but with the everyday hustle and bustle it's not always possible to monitor a child's every move.

However new software may help in keeping a watchful eye.

Thanks to software eight years in the making called "Websafety, parents can monitor their children through their cell phones.

McAllen businessman and father of two teens, Anastacio Vargas, are already using the technology and are hoping to spread the word to other parents.

"If you're talking about the Bible or God, a clean conversation, the parents will never get an alert on that, Vargas said.

You'll only get an alert when you say, hey let TMs get high, or let TMs go smoke, or I got a gun, you want to see it? or you're fat and ugly."

The software works by sending an alert text message to parents when their children engage in certain conversations or behavior.

"It picks-up on over 4,000 lingos like OMG, oh my gosh, TGIF, thank God it's Friday, parent over shoulder POS," Vargas said.

Another capability that parents are sure to love is that the software could save their child's life.

"As soon as the phone (is in a moving vehicle going) 10 miles per hour, it will restrict (the child) from texting while driving, you cannot browse on the Web and you cannot send or receive e-mails," Vargas said.

The software can currently be used by some 64 phones.

Parents must have a phone with at least texting capabilities and the child must have a "smart phone" for the software to work.

Vargas said using this to help keep an eye on your child is not an invasion of their privacy.

"We put alarms on our vehicles and our homes, Vargas said. We need to keep tabs on our children to make sure they are always safe."

Vargas said the alert messages take a matter of seconds to reach parents cell phones, which means parents can take immediate action to protect their children.

Vargas said 28 Valley parents have already purchased the software.

He said there is no greater value to a parent than their child's life.

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