New Starr County D.A. Sets out to clean up a disorganized office

Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar told Action 4 News he is spending most of his first term cleaning up a disorganized department. "A lot of our time right now is taking steps in getting things in order and getting trained---that way when we get further into our term we should be running smoothly," Escobar explained. He has been on the job less than a month and said things at the office were not up not to par.

"Most of the time that is being taken by our office is organization, Escobar said. Inventory and the assets that we have have to be accounted for and it hasn't been easy at this point.

We're still trying to figure out what cases they(evidence) belong to." Recently, Escobar said they opened the evidence safe. He said the items inside were less than organized. There was contraband and jewelry inside that needs to be accounted for, Escobar said. Now we have to figure out what cases they belong to and where or how it needs to be disposed of. A lot of our time has been about organization and training our new personnel on the policies and process of this office." While the bulk of his four year term will consist of cleaning up a disorganized department, Escobar I hopeful.

"More has to be done in terms of the way that we process cases. That's what we're going to be working toward."

He said people have to have confidence in the way evidence is collected, processed, and presented in a courtroom.

That is what Escobar is striving for in the next four years.