New Study Focused On Teens and Texting

We live in a technological world, these days it seem teens are texting more than ever. In fact a new study out by the pew research center finds children between the ages of 12 and 17 have cell phones, and it's changing the way they communicate.

Local teen Sara Perez tells Action 4 News, "It's just so easy and fast." Perez is not alone, a new Pew Research study found 88 percent of teen cell phone users text- some admit they even text while driving. Teen Julian Villegas says, "Mom if your listening (laughs) yeah sometimes, sometimes it's a habit."

The study also shows teens text more than e-mail, talk on websites like face book, they even text more than they talk face to face." Local teen Alison Galvan says, "I constantly have to erase my text messages cause it gets filled up really fast.."

But Julian Villegas may take the cake, Villegas says, "Probably every couple seconds depends on when I get a text...every couple seconds yeah..?

Parenting experts say how often your teens text may not be as important as the content in the messages.

Parenting expert Cooper Lawrence says, "Have your child show you the texts and say, what are you texting, you know, you're still the parent.

So it's still important to ask your child what are you doing. The study found most parents are doing their homework, 64 percent monitor the contents of their teen's cell phone.

But with the amount of text's teens are sending out these days it may be hard to keep up. Teen Sara Perez says, "I just keep going with the conversation until it ends and that can be until night time until I go to sleep."