New tax to affect Valley tanning salons

Tanning salons are feeling the heat under President Barack Obama TMs Health Care Reform Bill.

To help fund the $940 billion dollar law, a 10 percent tax is being added to indoor tanning services.

The tax goes into effect starting in July.

Jaime Cortez with Hairlines Spa in Brownsville told Action 4 News he sees an average of 100 people a month coming to tan at his salon.

His average rate is about $40 dollars, brining in about $1,000 dollars worth of business for tanning services alone.

The Health Care Reform Bill it would crank up his price to about $44 dollars per session.

Some clients said they wouldn TMt mind while others were concerned.

Cortez said he would wait to see how the tax effects his business and then work with the numbers, if necessary.