New technology being tested by Border Patrol

If you happen to look up at the skies and see something unusual, don't be alarmed.It's all a test to see how a balloon can offer new technology for the border patrol.It resembles a blimp, but it's not your average flying balloon, and it will soon be up in the skies above the Rio Grande Valley."This is a partnership with the CBP and the Department of Defense to try out some of their aerostat equipment," said Border Patrol spokesperson Henry Mendiola.Mendiola says it's equipment that is nothing more than giant balloons, containing surveillance technology that the Border Patrol can use as a monitoring tool along the border."We're going to take this out, we're going to test it, evaluate it, see exactly what it does for us and what utility it has for border enforcement," said Mendiola.The devices contain cameras and radar detections that are typically used in battlefields.They are expected to take flight on Friday along the Texas, Mexico border."If they see these balloons flying overhead, not to be alarmed," said Mendiola. "These are being evaluated for CBP purposes."Mendiola says they don't know just yet if this technology would be able to help border enforcement for the Rio Grande Valley, but they are open to any new technology that could assist their efforts.