New university name battle causes dispute

Professor and students

Students and faculty at the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) and the University of Texas Pan American are anxiously waiting to find out what the new university will be named after the two existing campuses merge.

Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m. the new name will be revealed.

However, some UTB students and faculty are outraged that one of the three options is University of Texas-Pan American, an option they say came out of the blue.

"Its typical valley politics, we end up with a candidate in the final election in the runoff that wasn't even in the running. How did they get there? So, it looks like a rigged game, and that's why people are upset," Dr. Strong, Professor of Communication said.

"We should be walking in partnership arm in arm bright new future, with international prestige instead of making seem that one is taking over the other," Dr. Strong said,

William Strong has been a professor in the University of Texas Brownsville for the past 10 years.

Before working at UTB, he taught at UTPA.

Two years ago, he was thrilled to hear that the two schools would be consolidating into one institution.

"We couldn't build, we couldn't grow, and we couldn't have a medical school if we didn't become a new entity," Dr. Strong said.

This week he learned one of the three options for the name of the new institution is University of Texas-Pan American.

Dr. Strong is not alone in the disapproval of the proposed UTPA name.

"To re-use a name from an older university would be unfair, it was supposed to be something that represents us and represents the Valley," student Pablo Jimenez said.

"It would be a kick in the face if this would have been passed on as the UTPA name," student Erik De La Cruz said.

The two other options for the institution are UT Rio Grande Valley and UT South. The final decision will be up to the University of Texas's 12 Board of Regeants.

The new name of the university will be announced Thursday morning at 9:45.

Both universities will be hosting viewing parties at their campuses.