New Year's Resolution No. 1 - Lose Weight

Connie Salazar struggled for years to lose weight. One of the triggering points for her to finally shed pounds was when she no longer could recognize the person she saw in the mirror.

Before I couldn't recognize myself, said Salazar. I didn't know who that was, but know it's more with pride and I say oh that's me!

The 31-year old from Los Fresnos lost about 50 pounds, starting from 210 to a low of 160. She lost most of her weight in the first nine months and has kept it off.

Losing weight has been part of what I have been wanting to do for ever, said Salazar. Since after high school and having my kids.

Want to know her secret?

Push yourself to do it, said Salazar.

Simple as that, even if you get off track you shouldn't be discouraged says Salazar.

You don't have to stay off, said Salazar. You start over.

To stay fit, Salazar says she has changed her eating habits.

And to stay motivated she tries different activities like running, swimming, and classes at the gym.

But for those who can't afford a membership Salazar suggest the buddy system, you have to surround yourself with people with the same goals.

That way, says Salazar, you can motivate each other to accomplish your goals, and be successful.

Salazar says the best part of her journey is loving who she is now.