Nightclub shooting puts nearby residents on edge

Deputies are still trying to find a motive in the deadly shooting outside of the La Puerta Negra Bar and nightclub in Mercedes.

Nevertheless, it has those living in the nearby community on edge.

A woman Action 4 News spoke to asked not to show her face on camera, but she told us she heard the gunshots.

"The bar thing is going on with their loud music, she said. All your waiting is to hear the gun, to hear, ambulances and I mean it TMs just not safe."

She said at first she thought they were fireworks.

"it was surrounded by a whole bunch of cops then it was something more bigger, It looked like a raid last night."

She told Action 4 News her first instinct was to protect her children.

"Don't answer the door to anybody just stay inside, if you hear any noises just stay inside, she said.

She moved into the neighborhood when La Puerta Negra was shut down.

She told Action 4 News the bar is a nuisance and if she knew it would reopen, she wouldn't live here.

It TMs not safe, she said. It TMs not safe having a bar close to so many houses. That bar should be shutdown and not opened ever again," she said.