Nine Panama Unit suspects plead not guilty

Nine out of the 12 suspects in the Panama Unit scandal faced a judge this morning where they all pleaded not guilty.

Jonathan Trevino and eight other suspects named in the case all appeared for an arraignment before US magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos in McAllen late Friday morning.

All nine suspects in the scandal pleaded not guilty to new charges files against them in a new superseding indictment filed just last week.

Judge Ramos allowed Trevio and six deputies named in the case to remain free on bond.

The judge ordered alleged drug traffickers Fernando Guerra, Sr. and Fernando Guerra, Jr. remain in jail without bond for their roles in the case.

Judge Ramos also issued an order allowing former Salvador Joel Arguello to remain free on bond and take a job as a truck driver delivering oil from Deming New Mexico to a refinery in Corpus Christi.

The defense attorney for former deputy James Phil Flores did not appear in the courtroom.

Judge Ramos ordered that Flores be arraigned on Tuesday morning.