No decision made on the counts against Villalobos

Armando Villalobos' legal team was back in court requesting for an acquittal and a new trial citing on reasonable doubt and juror misconduct.

Reasonable doubt and juror misconduct was used in Villalobos attorney's defense.

A federal jury convicted Villalobos on seven of nine counts back in May of 2013.

The counts against Villalobos involved racketeering, bribery, and extortion.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen presided over the hearing where the defense questioned the credibility of ex-State District Judge Abel Limas, attorney Oscar de la Fuente and middleman Joseph Valle.

The defense stated that they were more concerned with "self-preservation".

The prosecution sticks to its claim that Villalobos made two large withdraws of $40,000 and said it had direct evidence on allegation of conspiracy from Judge Limas and de la Fuente.

The defense said there is no exact amount given on how much money Villalobos received.

The defense also made suggestion for a new trial citing juror confusion, bias, and misconduct claiming one of the jurors was friends and following a local media reporter on Facebook.

Adding that a juror even posted on Facebook stating he or she was pro-law enforcement.

The defense is requesting that juror be subpoenaed and questioned about the Facebook posts.

The prosecution fired back denying any bias..saying those claims are based purely on assumptions.

Judge Hanen says while those facebook posts appear to be a stretch in proving juror bias..he will take it into consideration.

The court session today ended without a resolution of there was another closed door court session for another case against Villalobos this afternoon.

His next court date for sentencing is scheduled in January.

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